Unlocking Mayo The Islander

Unlocking Mayo

The Islander

Join us on this unique experience and turn the key to unlock the littleknown stories and customs of the past. The scenery will ‘take the talk a ya’, the music will beguile you and the craic will live long in your memory.

Bigí linn – Giorraíonn Beirt Bóthar (Two shorten the road)

• Tour Guide & Bus Fare
• Seafood Tour
• Live Music
• Logainmneacha – Cracking the code
• Introduction to seaweeds
• Light Lunch

Join us on the tour the locals do

This tour starts with detailed, insightful, local narration by your driver-guide on the history of Westport and Clew Bay as you meander in comfort along the Wild Atlantic Way, taking in the breath-taking scenery.

1st stop: Seafood Tour

Located on the shores of Clew Bay, owned and operated by Padraic Gannon, an oyster farmer of over 30 years. An inspiring story of innovation and revival in the face of adversity. Enjoy narration by Padraic as he takes you on a journey of the family business’ evolution and shares his passion for his ‘beatha blasta’.

Corraun & The Spanish Armada

Corraun Peninsula is popular for its stunning panoramas of Clew Bay, Clare Island and Achill. A Wild Atlantic Way discovery point along the route recalls the sinking of five ships from the Spanish Armada in 1588, which floundered at the mouth of the bay in rough weather whilst trying to outrun the chasing British fleet.

Atlantic Drive

Follow the famed ‘Atlantic Drive’ past the resting place of those lost in the Clew Bay and Kirkintollagh disaster’s. You’ll pass the ‘Pirate Queen’, Grainne Uaile’s castle in Kildavnet and key sites from the filming of ‘The Banshee’s of Inisheerin’; the history will confound you, the rugged beauty of the scenery will astound you and the character of the island will beguile you.

2nd stop: Lunch and live entertainment

You’ll stop at a traditional, family-run bar located in the heart of Achill Island where you will be treated to a light lunch as you are entertained by gifted local musicians who get the foot tapping and the heart pumping. We’re on West of Ireland time now so relax, kick back and enjoy the local hospitality.

3rd stop: Shark Fishery Purteen Harbour

The best-recorded and largest basking shark fishery in the world was established in Achill. At its peak the fishery caught a total of 9000 sharks between 1950 and 1964 which were harvested primarily for liver oil export.

Made up of 80-100 stone buildings which were abandoned during the famine the megalithic tombs in this ancient site indicate human settlement from the 3rd or 4th century B.C. The houses were used as seasonal dwellings for Booleying in the early 20th century.

4th stop: Dugort Colony Deserted Village

The site of the audacious fight for souls on famine ravaged Achill Island in the 19th century. Evangelical Protestant clergyman Edward Nangle set out to lift the destitute people of Achill out of popery and idolatry through his Achill Colony – a mission tainted by the charge of bigotry and ‘souperism’; offering food and benefits in return for religious conversion.

Historic importance of Seaweed in the West Coast diet:
Used locally as a dietary supplement and for the treatment of ailments such as Rheumatism, Bronchitis, Muscle Cramps and Anaemia to name but a few. You will be introduced to the traditional and contemporary uses of seaweeds and given samples to taste.