Corduff Travel Provides, Private or Contract Hire, Business or Pleasure. Corduff Travel is licensed to operate in Ireland and throughout Europe.

Corduff Student Travel

Corduff Student Travel is a new bus service provided by Corduff Travel from Belmullet, Co Mayo. Corduff Travel has over 25 years experience in the transport business transporting people all over Ireland at the keenest prices!

Corduff Student Travel is a new idea about providing the right transport for the right people.

The idea of Corduff Student Travel is to provide students with point to point service from Mayo, Sligo, Galway and Roscommon to all major colleges in Galway, Sligo and Limerick. These buses will drop students off at their accommodation every Sunday in Limerick, Galway and Sligo and also pick up at the same locations every Friday. We promise to get all our students to and from college at the right time and at the right price!

At Corduff Student Travel we want to promote a dedicated student transport system that will discourage an influx of extra cars at peak times on weekends on our national roads. We are offering a safer more environmentally friendly alternative.

We at Corduff Student Travel are the first Student Bus Service to supply a pre-booking service on our website. Students can now easily book their tickets and can avail of special discounts on our website. So, if you are running short of money but need to get home, why not get someone to book the ticket for you! All you need is the reference number!

Booking your seat couldn’t be easier. Simply follow the instructions on our booking form. It only takes a minute!