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- Mission and Vision Statement -

Corduff Travel are committed to providing the safest and highest quality of service to all passengers. We strive to transport passengers in the safest, most comfortable manner. We ensure that the needs of each customer are being met through exceptional customer service, remarkable high standards of vehicle maintenance and notable driver training and recruitment programs.  

Our vision is to consistently create a better travel experience for our passengers, in an environmentally aware manner. We believe in constant innovation and growth, ensuring the safest drivers and vehicles are made available to our passengers, nationwide. 

- History -

Corduff Travel is a family run transportation company, founded in the 1940s. Corduff Travel has grown from having just one minibus, to having the most modern fleet in Co. Mayo, ranging from 5 seats to 63 seats.  

Corduff Travel first opened its doors under Mikie Corduff, Rossport. Mikie had one minibus which he mainly operated to commute the local and rural community of Rossport and surrounding areas to towns within the Mayo area to avail of necessary services. This was a vital service at the time as transportation to and from Gaeltacht areas was very limited.  

It was his son, Michéal Corduff Senior who foresaw the potential within a bus company in the West of Ireland. Michéal rapidly grew the business from a very young age, operational on a national level with over 50 vehicles and many employees by the dawn of the millennial years.  

Michael Corduff Junior joined the company in 2013 and as managing director has already made great waves within the company, expanding both fleet and team rapidly. Michael’s vision for the family business is inspirational and extensive. It is certainly safe to say that there is much, much more left to write about Corduff Travel in the future, under his leadership.  

Corduff Travel opened its doors in a rural, Gaeltacht community, serving the community to access essential services. While the company now operates across three nationwide bases and employs over 100 people, it has never lost that sense of family, community, and purpose. 


Safe and Reliable Service

We guarantee our passengers the safest and most reliable transportation service. Our unwavering commitment to driver training, vehicle maintenance and the highest standard of customer service ensures the absolute safety and reliability of our service.  

Our Team

We are fortunate to have among the highest skilled, trained and innovative teams. Our team is recruited to ensure that all aspects of our company provide an exceptional service to our clients.  

Our Fleet

Providing the safest and most luxurious vehicles to our passengers is an everyday commitment at Corduff TravelAll vehicles are maintained to exceptional standards by trained individuals. Our vehicles are thoroughly inspected by our team to ensure those standards are conserved.